Get your own sports websites for your child’s team

If you are a parent of a child who is involved in a sport of any kind, then you certainly are proud that he/she is involved in the wonderful world of organized sports. Being a part of a team is not only fun and exciting, but it is a great character-building experience that will teach your child many valuable lessons about life.

Are you aware of the fact that you can build sports websites for your child’s team? It is true and something that you may wish to consider. At League Athletics, you can very easily build a terrific, user-friendly site that is customized for your purposes and which can be updated by you and anyone else you choose. This type of website is ideal to use for communicating information to team members and their families. You can use it to post schedules, coordinate events and announce practice times and other pertinent information that keeps your program running smoothly. Not only are these websites great looking and easy to use, but they also are a great way to market your team.

Many coaches use this type of website that is powered by sport league software for offering online sports registration, tournament management, photo galleries, and the management of officials. The software used simplifies the management of amateur sports organizations so that you can concentrate on the game itself and not all of the details of the program you are involved in. League Athletics offers you a very comprehensive site that will improve communications within the team itself as well as with the entire organization or club. With great tools like unlimited email blasts, automatic game and practice reminders and schedule change notifications, your program will run much more smoothly and efficiently.

There are no hidden fees when you buy one of the sports websites from League Athletics. In fact, the only fee you pay is the cost of the annual web hosting. There is no ‘per transaction’ or ‘convenience fee’ charged for the online registration service. The only time you would be charged an additional fee would be if you were to choose opening a Merchant Account wherein you accept electronic payments. You are even allowed to sell sponsorship space on your website and keep all of the profits you earn. League Athletics also promises never to place a third party ad on your site, so your site will not become cluttered with spam ads. The site is yours to customize as you wish and is designed to make easy work of running/coaching a sports team.

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